Resolutions….Viva 2015

Vision Board

Most people make resolutions for the New Year at the beginning to each year. They are excited for the new opportunity to “begin anew”, to try something outside of their comfort zone, and even more so, to challenge themselves. Some people vow to have better relationships, be more involved in their community, and pledge to a healthier way of life. Whatever your reason for beginning anew, makes sure your vision is aligned with your dreams, that your goals are measurable, and that more importantly, that make yourself accountable.

I don’t usually write down a list of goals or resolutions ( in this respect). Nor do i set them at the “beginning of the year.” Instead, I create a vision board that I can see each and every day of My Year. I avoid rushing to do one at end or right at the start of the year. Like you, i’m adjusting to the conclusion of a busy work year, entrepreneurial or home life; and then there its begin a whole new cycle.  Typically,  I’ll have my vision board hanging in my bedroom or hallway to some place that will be a daily reminder of life’s mission ~ a colorful plan on how i envision my success.

Vision boards create a visual stimulation as well as a more inspiring approach to achieving ones goal. You can use pictures, inspirations phrases, and a collage of words to hearten your motivation.

Viva 2014 Vision Board

What have I accomplished? Throughout the year I used pictures to commemorate the goals from my vision board. So if you’ve follow me on social media, you will see that my pictures are refelction of my vision.

What is left?

If there is something I was unable to complete within my year, I refuse to look at this negatively. There is no reason to be hard on myself just because i was busy accomplishing other goals. Instead, I’ll reassess my approach and add it to the next year plans 🙂 I have nothing but time in this world….

Try creating a vision board for the 2015 year….. Inspiration starts with the heart….

How to DYI: What you need: Magazine, a sturdy stock or poster board, glue sticks, scissors, What you do: go through the magazines/publications and select images that build your vision/board. Once you have the images you like, begin to glue them to the blank vision board. Don’t  get too hung up on the “how you are doing it or what it’ll look like” instead make your focus aligns with all your goals. When you are done:  ( i typically) Frame, according to size, then hang. Make it Fun: Last year, I invited a few of my friends to participated in a Viva 2014 Vision Board session. In addition, to providing the materials, we had sangrias and delicious finger foods. We all has a great time, you should try the same!

IMG_9096 IMG_9095 IMG_9076


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