Built for This…


At times it feels easier to deny your reality than to accept your fate.  As long as you act as if  your troubles are indistinguishable, then your triumph will feel invisible.

Incredibly, in your unchanged effort to protect your feelings, you can chip away at your Presence.



















Yes, days can be difficult and some night can even seem unbearable, but you must find the determination to be persistent in finding peace through your challenges.  You must remind yourself of your troubles and accomplishments, for both are valuable teachers.  You must learn to be your own motivator…. This is not due to the lack of support you may think you don’t have; instead, it ‘s in the reassurance that you were built for a world like this world. Your battles existed before you had anticipated them, You were built for failure to feats.



 for every major success, there are far more failures to overcome…






Top:  Leopard Short Sleeve (Century 21)

Bottom: Leather Skirt (online boutique)

Shoes: Nine West (Tj Maxx)

Accessory : Vintage Square Leather





Sometimes the first challenge to starting your day, is deciding what to wear ~ Amoi



Tough as Leather

My most unexpected finds, sometimes are the best. I stumbled across this leather bag on one of my consignment stroll, in the Bryn Mawr section of Philadelphia. It was in this cute little consignment boutique, where I found this cross-body hang bag for a steal. It was, let’s say hmmm say under $20 bucks. It was in excellent condition and the material was authentic; I had to purchase it!


It’s 3 years later and I incorporate this bag in my casual wear.  It’s black, genuine Italian leather, weaved into a series of squares to form a sturdy pattern for the bag. Outlining the bag is a braiding pattern of the leather, and even the strap is designed in an unusual pattern.  This bag design was was complicated yet simple… tough as leather.