The Beauty in Choosing…

 The Beauty in Choosing….

Beautiful Art that fills our City Streets…

 The beauty of our days is the many opportunities we get to choose. Every day YOU get the choice to see the glass as half empty OR half full. I whole-heartedly say, choose to see yourself half way closer to your goals than farther than you are imagining. Remaining focus and ambitious isn’t a seasonal desire. You have to be eager to challenge your daily ambiguity and remain positive during the most difficult of times. You spirit cannot be broken without your consent. Your armor will become dented by the spells of life, but your spirit will not be broken….

The Beauty in Choosing



 Top: Old Navy      Skirt: Marshall’s          Leggings: Targèt       Shoes : Nine West   Accessory: Handmade bag purchased at a Cali. Flea Market

So going with the theme of choice, i’ve mixed and matched one of my favoity sweaters with a more vibrant color skirt  and then with a very neutral color pant.




Top: Old Navy      Pant: Banana Republic    Shoes : Nine West

Accessory: Handmade bag purchased at a Cali. Flea Market

Hair: (2strand- twist) Shea Moisture Curling Smoothie & Eco Styling Gel


I have the ability, no matter the circumstance in  my life, to fill my glass at least half way. I am never empty … 


Never Empty …

Shades of Gray …

Continuing with this Week’s Theme Flexible Work Style 
Combining different shades of one particular color can make a statement. 
I like the idea of staying within one color code but broadening the spectrum of that color .
Shirt: Kohl’s
Skirt: Ann Taylor 
Leggings: Target 
Shoes: Bandolino

I Shop a La’mode from Head2Toe

What a  Fun a purchase…  
At an Shop a La’mode mocktail party, I added this lovely dress to my collection. Not only was I excited  about my new purchases, but I enjoy the experience of hosting a Pop UP Shop.  
At the Pop Up Shop, there was great guest, appetizers, lite cocktails and fashionably fun games. 
The convenience of having a small boutique come to your home, JUST for You and a few of your closest friends, was priceless.  We were presented with beautiful, contemporary, and fashionable clothes, shoes and accessories.  
All one of a kind and ALL affordable !
I cant wait for the next one!
Turquoise dress :  $20
Green Shoe ( wedge w/ bow):  $25