The Beauty in Choosing…

 The Beauty in Choosing….

Beautiful Art that fills our City Streets…

 The beauty of our days is the many opportunities we get to choose. Every day YOU get the choice to see the glass as half empty OR half full. I whole-heartedly say, choose to see yourself half way closer to your goals than farther than you are imagining. Remaining focus and ambitious isn’t a seasonal desire. You have to be eager to challenge your daily ambiguity and remain positive during the most difficult of times. You spirit cannot be broken without your consent. Your armor will become dented by the spells of life, but your spirit will not be broken….

The Beauty in Choosing



 Top: Old Navy      Skirt: Marshall’s          Leggings: Targèt       Shoes : Nine West   Accessory: Handmade bag purchased at a Cali. Flea Market

So going with the theme of choice, i’ve mixed and matched one of my favoity sweaters with a more vibrant color skirt  and then with a very neutral color pant.




Top: Old Navy      Pant: Banana Republic    Shoes : Nine West

Accessory: Handmade bag purchased at a Cali. Flea Market

Hair: (2strand- twist) Shea Moisture Curling Smoothie & Eco Styling Gel


I have the ability, no matter the circumstance in  my life, to fill my glass at least half way. I am never empty … 


Never Empty …

The Same Difference….


I’m perfect: imperfect   … same difference. DSC_7346

The journey in life is to live a full and meaningful life, not to be critical of ourselves and get distracted by what we lack, instead focus on who you are.

I’ve learned to strive toward becoming a better me and not idealizing what it means to be perfect. Taking the time out to acknowledge all your strengths and accomplishments, is one way of changing your imperfections to motivation.  Its a simple exercise but i urge you to try it.

All the things you will come up with will surprise you. And even more rewarding will be the feeling you of relinquishment.  You’ll begin to realize that those same erroneous thoughts you have of yourself of being imperfect, has strengthened you throughout time.

For instance, You may think you are not on target for a certain goal in your life (imperfect). But when you think about how driven you have been in accomplishing that steps towards this goal, you see your own courage (I’m Perfect).

With a simple inflection, change in punctuation, or a change to your internal filter, you see things in a different light.

How do you choose to see yourself…..


City of San Fran







                            Hat: Macy’s ( men’s wear)      Shirt: H&M       Pants: Target      Shoes: Target       Sweater : my Grandma’s Sweater 🙂


” Opening to the totality of your being is like saying to yourself, ‘I may not be perfect, but i’m okay with the way I am.’ ” – Richard Carlson, PHD  from Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff… and its all Small Stuff. 

I'Mperfect - Same difference
I’Mperfect – Same difference

Mosaic: Our made up Life….

Mosaic Blend

Its hard for me to blend in at times. I am not driven to look, sound, or feel like anyone else but myself. Spending your days trying to fit into a mold which someone else created for you, will make life appear more difficult and unfullfilled than it was meant to BE.

Our younger self(s) was always unsure about who we are and what we will surmount to, but what we tend to forget are all those moments that make up joy of  LIFE.  It is important to be grateful and inspired by every moment in your life. When you do this, you will realize how much the goodtimes out way the bad, and how lucky you are to have such a wonderfullly made up life.

Dont try to blend. Dont try to be, look or sound like any one else but yourself; for we are all individually and wonderfully created.



 Shirt: Derek Lam            Pants : Express        Bag: Consignment Store      Accessories:  ShopealaMode





Nothing To Wear Too

Style meets Technology


What an awesome event!

Two of my favorite things fused together, style and technology.

It was refreshing to learn about all the new an inventive ways technology is stitching its way into the world of fashion. From the fabrics that walk the runway, to the convenience of technology built into our jewelry; style and technology are influencing one another right in front of our eyes. There was even a demonstration of how using solar power can be the primary source of stylish portable chargers.  Imagine looking Fab and always having the battery life to post about it!

        IMG_1918    IMG_1924

From the panel, one of the speakers, Designer Dom Streater, winner of Season 12 Project Runway, shared that while on her season of project runway her fellow designers where impressed with another cast mate who used textile 3d style to create  jewelry.  She then goes on the say that there are even more and more designers around the world who are experimenting with and creating 3D fashion.

.IMG_1945  IMG_1919

Our Host’s, Rakia Reynolds of Ski Blue Media, her dress was a Dom Streater creation. It laid lovely and is styled perfectly for a woman’s body.

IMG_1939                     IMG_1940

(above) From Next Fab Studio, this was an example of  how 3D textile design is created. This is just a small example of the process of creating 3D fabric for some designers.


Another technology and style item that grabbed my eye and could easily be worked into any wardrobe was the Beacon and Lively bracelets. Can you say I fell in love! Not only are their bracelets sleek looking and a fashion statement within itself, it’s purposeful and discreet. With the Beacon and Lively bracelet, you can program it notify you of certain calls or messages. The preference is all set to the owner’s discretion. How cool is that!  I cant wait for mine to arrive

IMG_1931   IMG_1933    IMG_1934