Mosaic: Our made up Life….

Mosaic Blend

Its hard for me to blend in at times. I am not driven to look, sound, or feel like anyone else but myself. Spending your days trying to fit into a mold which someone else created for you, will make life appear more difficult and unfullfilled than it was meant to BE.

Our younger self(s) was always unsure about who we are and what we will surmount to, but what we tend to forget are all those moments that make up joy of  LIFE.  It is important to be grateful and inspired by every moment in your life. When you do this, you will realize how much the goodtimes out way the bad, and how lucky you are to have such a wonderfullly made up life.

Dont try to blend. Dont try to be, look or sound like any one else but yourself; for we are all individually and wonderfully created.



 Shirt: Derek Lam            Pants : Express        Bag: Consignment Store      Accessories:  ShopealaMode





Nothing To Wear Too


Style meets Technology


What an awesome event!

Two of my favorite things fused together, style and technology.

It was refreshing to learn about all the new an inventive ways technology is stitching its way into the world of fashion. From the fabrics that walk the runway, to the convenience of technology built into our jewelry; style and technology are influencing one another right in front of our eyes. There was even a demonstration of how using solar power can be the primary source of stylish portable chargers.  Imagine looking Fab and always having the battery life to post about it!

        IMG_1918    IMG_1924

From the panel, one of the speakers, Designer Dom Streater, winner of Season 12 Project Runway, shared that while on her season of project runway her fellow designers where impressed with another cast mate who used textile 3d style to create  jewelry.  She then goes on the say that there are even more and more designers around the world who are experimenting with and creating 3D fashion.

.IMG_1945  IMG_1919

Our Host’s, Rakia Reynolds of Ski Blue Media, her dress was a Dom Streater creation. It laid lovely and is styled perfectly for a woman’s body.

IMG_1939                     IMG_1940

(above) From Next Fab Studio, this was an example of  how 3D textile design is created. This is just a small example of the process of creating 3D fabric for some designers.


Another technology and style item that grabbed my eye and could easily be worked into any wardrobe was the Beacon and Lively bracelets. Can you say I fell in love! Not only are their bracelets sleek looking and a fashion statement within itself, it’s purposeful and discreet. With the Beacon and Lively bracelet, you can program it notify you of certain calls or messages. The preference is all set to the owner’s discretion. How cool is that!  I cant wait for mine to arrive

IMG_1931   IMG_1933    IMG_1934

California Love…

photo 4
Orange County Dana Point, California

Vacations are important… Point blank.

Vacations  allows you to retrieve, relax and rejuvinate your energy. Finding the right vacation for your personality is key in picking the right element of adventure to enjoy. Consider about being open to exploring new things and meeting new people when planning your next Vacay.

If you have the opportunity to vacation in a place that offers sun, scenary and silence, there is a sense of tranquility that is unexplainable. Instead of your mind wondering off to the millions tasks and thing to do, you find your mind in a deep state of reflection and thanksgiving.


Here a few pics of serenity

photo 5
View from the Ritz Carlton Resort Dana Pointe California

photo 1


photo 3

But most of all what i love about vacays are the opportunities to observe the beauty in this world. It still amazes me when i feel the wind on my cheeks, sun in the eyes, and hear the waves crashing along the cliffs and sand. I am a beach baby. I love the sound of water and  warmth of the sun. I feel closer to the earth when all these elements presents itself  in a beautiful symphony .

This type of place, creates a sense of sincerity and peace for me. Its the perfect time to reflect on the Love and Loses of life.

photo 4
Laguna Beach Cali
photo 2
Laguna Beach California
photo 3

Dear Summer…

Sweet Summer Nights
Sweet Summer Nights

I am absolutely ready for the Summer season …

I’m ready to try different styles, alternate between bright colors and shade, and open to new experiences and trends.

Summers always give me a feeling nostalgia. I recall  as a kid, running around reckless in the summer days and relished in the sweet summer nights.

Day or night, the summertime is synonymous with adventure and fun. What better time to take a chance on clothes and styles, and trends that were held captive by a cautious Winter.

This summer, try brighter colors, crazy patterns, mix and match prints. Try new a hair style, dye your hair a sultry color,  tryout new nail polish and lipstick , play around with hats and sandles…

Whether is accomplishing a goal on your bucket list or picnicing in the park with a good book, missing out on your summer would be disenchanting to your inner child.

Make this summer one to remember!


Here are a few of my favorite Summer Style Quotes



 What will your Summer Story be…..